Legion Of Dragons

Legion of Dragons Super Group is Not just a Super Group... it's a family!


Latest LOD GW News:

July 21, 2007 marked the second annual LOD BBQ!

We had a great time at the LOD BBQ this year. Once again our core of near by officers made their appearance. I want to say thank you to all who attended.

A special thanks goes out to Marion and his wife for the custom coffee cups he had printed for us.

Latest COH News

Issue 10: INVASION

Issue 10 begins with a World Event that spans across numerous zones in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, as the Rikti return in devastating waves. They are armed with new, brutal weapons and seek to establish a beachhead on Earth, presumably to save their lost brethren and to finish what they started the first time … the destruction of Earth!

July 27, 2007




    The Defender is a long-range support specialist. This Archetype is effective with ranged attacks (though not quite on par with the Blaster), but the Defender's true worth shines in another area. Defenders are the premier helpers in the game - they are the best at strengthening their teammate's abilities (buffing) and weakening foes (debuffing). They aren't built for lengthy hand to hand combat, though they aren't fragile, either. The Defender needs to keep an eye both on his teammates and the enemy - in order to see which requires his powerful attention first!


    Hit Points: Low

    Damage: Low


    Primary Power Category - Buff

    Secondary Power Category - Ranged